• Residential and mobile proxies both for the same price.
  • Targeting to over 150 countries and thousands of cities.
  • Price is $3 for 1 Gb without any hidden fees.
1Gb for free

Get residential
and mobile best price proxies

— No IP bans.
— Compatible
to any soft.
— 98% success rate.

Stable and pure proxies

Oksy conditions are

Best possible targeting

Target to:
— Country
— State/Region
— City

Single price
for anything

Any country.
Any proxy type.
Any targeting.
1Gb = $3

Unlimited IPs and ports for free.

Personal approach

Free trial and money-back guarantee.
Custom prices for top clients > 1Tb, discounts for everyone
24/7 support.
You can choose any location over the world for your custom needs.
Europe, Northern and Southern America, Africa, Asia, Oceania. Whatever you want, we have it all.

It's still single price for any country. 1Gb = $3.

150+ countries, thousands of cities

Scrape as much data
as you need with our
10 million IPs.

Data collecting

Collect and monitor information about competitors from any geo.

Price comparison

Launch and manage as many campaigns as you need with unlimited IPs.

Perfomance marketing

Get ahead of global trends
by data driven decisions
collected with stable proxies.

Market Research

Оksy is a perfect fit to

The average rating of oksy customers is 4.7 points cording to Google


No, they are not. We are offering you the maximum speed your internet provider can reach.
But remember about natural barriers like distance from you to proxy. It affects ping.
If you have any issues and questions, feel free
to send us your feedback via [email protected]